Saunders Construction and Maintenance

Multi Stage Terminal Expansion

Terminals---Port-BotanyDesign, construction and testing of tanks capable of operating at 180o Celsius and with a commercial life of 50 years.

  • 1 x diesel tank
  • 2 x bitumen storage tanks
  • 4 x bitumen day tanks
  • 3 x bitumen process tanks

Client: Terminals Pty Ltd

Location: Via Simblist Road, Port Botany, NSW 2036

Scope of this project included:

  • Design of all tanks in accordance with requirements of API-650 & API-2000 standards.
  • Tanks sizes were as follows
    • One 26 metre (diameter) x 20 metre (height) diesel tank
    • Two 26 metre (diameter) x 20 metre (height) bitumen storage tanks
    • Four 9 metre (diameter) x 20 metre (height) bitumen day tanks
    • Two 4.5 metre (diameter) x 10 metre (height) bitumen process tanks
    • One 4 metre (diameter) x 8 metre (height) bitumen process tank
  • Project was completed in three separate construction stages
  • Supply and install 3.5 kilometres of small bore heating coil pipe work
  • Insulation of all tanks to comply with heat loss coefficient as set out in specification
  • Install 18 metre tall bitumen agitators and associated gearbox
  • Design and install 100 metres of tank roof walkways. The engineering team devised an innovative solution where the walkways were used as the mounting points for the gearing and mixer arm on each tank
  • Design and install ladders and stairways in accordance with AS1657 standard
  • The three smaller tanks were shop fabricated and constructed at our workshop in Condell Park. They were then transported to site which minimised onsite man-hours and a reduced to project schedule
  • Non-destructive testing in accordance with API-650 standard, Appendix U
  • Painting of tanks that were not insulated